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Report: Leasa Stephen
Wednesday, 14 November 2007
Hi Ron and All,
An odd onth to say the least! Started off at high speed, with the first ever Qld Festival of Dressage on the Saturday 11th. This was a truly fantastic event, as you know, a grand success. I was incoced in the organising in the role of Event Director. Thank you to Ron for being such a big part of our first year! Already we are being approched for sponsorship/naming rights for next year's festival!
I had lessons with my coach, Ricky MacMillan, on the 12th August, which was great to get both of my horses on the right track, gearing up for States and Nationals.
The next weekend saw myself and Gypsie Lodge Latin Coda and Galanthus competing at RASDEG official dressage (Redlands). Fabulous results, with Cody winning BOTH his novice classes (and clinching a National Champs Qualifying score) and placing 5th in his first official Elementary! Galanthus was superb, to gain 2nd place in his Elementary start. I then got serious about plans to taking both horses to State an National Championships.
I did take a few days off to go to the Gympie Country Music Muster (stay with me, there IS a reason why I mention this!). I wore my Prydes cap all week in the pouring rain.... and in the middle of a very loud crowd at one of the gigs, someone taps me on the shoulder and starts asking me about the range of feeds available from Prydes, which feed I use and why, and which I recommend for his PoloX horses to boost their energy levels at an event! Kinnda funny in the middle of a concert... sure didn't see that one coming!
So there you go, I got home from the muster, only to fine the equine world pretty much in ruin. I padlocked to gate, closd the riding school, am am getting steadily more depressed as I hear reports of my friends and students stuck in Warwick with their horses, another friend with the quarantined property in Minden.... and some of my friends for the circuit... riders like Denise Rogan with er lovely dressage horsse sick at Centennial Park.
The cancellation of the Nationals hurt, bit not as much as the threat to may, and my fellow rider's horse well-being. It seems that the breeding season will be almost non-existant, I do have 2 on property mares I may be able to put to Galanthus, but (obviously) no outside mares.
Currently, my horses are well, and there is no sign of the outbreak yet in the Samfor/Samsonvale area, I am devoutly hoping it stays this way. I am also praying that I can work out a way how NOT to go broke, as along with most of us riders and coaches, I can't teach off preperty, or train the horses off property, of conduct the 3 clinics I had booked in (at Brookfiels, Maryborough and Noosa Noth Shore Resort).
However, I am trying to keep spirits up... at least I know that my horses are fit, healthy and have a great nutritional history, so that if we do cop this flu, they have as good a chance as I can possibly hope for them to get over it asap.
Thanks for your support Ton, and the rest of the Pryde's Team. Is riders appreciate your care and thoughfulness in these times.
Yours (in keeping EI free),

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