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Report: Lease Stephen
Tuesday, 15 April 2008
January has been a month of RAIN. And lots of it! Over 200mm of 8 inches of rain... which means:
1. lots and lots of grass, (bit of a change from dirt paddocks!)
2. Far school ponies now in Jenny Craig Paddock
3. Me swapping my saddle for tractor seat, trying to keep up with the slashing.
I have also still been busy not only working with the QPPHI committee, as we head towards our final stages of EI recovery, but also working in the DPI-Q permit team, my main job being translating government policy into horse industy language! So that has been an absolute roller coaster ride!
January also saw Dressage Qld State Squad riders, and Festival of Dressage 07 Organisers (I am in the latter category) head up to Noosa North Shore Resort for a Qld Dressage training camp. Unfortunately due to EI travel restirctions, and although we were unable to bring our horses to use the fantastic equestrian facilities on offer - it was a fantastic time to work on the physical and mental side of our sport. We had talks with a sports psychologist, did yoga, were able to talk with the selectors, and build the team spirit of Dressage in Qld with a challenge with the High Ropes Course! (WOW - and WHAT a challenge that was!) This was the first such training camp held by Dressage Qld, one which we intend to do more of!
Home front wise, I am also now riding a lovely jet black Morgan colt, stable name 'Roy', that means a competition string of 4 horses for 2008, so a busy year for me ahead! And I sure am looking forward to it.
Feed wise - My brood mare is doing super well on her Mare Cubes, and is able to keep up the milk supply to a very fast growing colt! Our resident orphan, Cinders, is now weaned, (nearly 5 months old now) and is doing well on her crushed mare cube and lucerne hay diet.
Looking ahead, the QPPHI is gearing up for a huge recovery party for March - I will send you guys the details as soon as I have them, it will be a great night full of good cheer and high spirits as the Queensland Performance and Pleasure Horse Industry looks to a future clear of EI!
Have a great month Prydes Team!!

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