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Report: Leasa Stephen
Saturday, 30 September 2006
Hey all!
Haven't done an update in a while, so thought I'd drop you a line and fill you in on what I have been up to the last couple of months....

The Samford Equestrian Group had an official/associate day on the 27th August (my local club), where Prydes was a sponsor, in conjunction with Gleam o Dawn rural store. The event was great exposure for Prydes, the riders LOVED the feed samples in the rider's bags, and Alan from Gleam o Dawn had quite a few enquiries for EasiResponse and Result. The poster with the what product to feed info on it was well read at the score board too! It was great to fly the Prydes flag, with my ride on my mare Gypsie Lodge Classic Harmony getting a 4th place in the prelim class. I was also riding a clients horse Elmo's Fire, a lovely chestnut QH cross, who has recently switched from Cool Command pellets to Easi Response, The owner Belinda Nolan is already noticing a marked improvement to his coat and overall condition! (incidently, he got 69% in his associate Prelim class).

To wrap up the competition, the consensus of opinion was a HUGE thankyou to Prydes for supporting our club's biggest annual event!

Misc Info:
In early September, I bought Galanthus from the stud I was riding him for!!!!!!!! (still cant believe I own him!)

More recent info:
I have just returned from Nambour, where I competed at the Sunshine Coast Dressage Championships ** on my stallion Galanthus, and my gelding Gypsie Lodge Latin Coda. I was excited to be part of the Prydes Team of Riders, especially when I saw that Prydes was sponsoring at the event!
I had a fantastic weekend, with Galanthus and I winning the Prelim 1.3 with 70.8%, winning the Novice 2.3 with 69%, coming 2nd in the Novice Freestyle on 67% (was that fun or what!), and 3rd in the Prelim with 67.8% and 3rd in the Novice 2.4 with 67.8%. Overall, we got Reserve Preliminary Champion and Reserve Novice Champion! My boy was sooo well behaved, and had lots of lovely comments as to his condition and coat colour. My gelding is quite inexperienced, and 7 weeks back in work after fracturing a splint bone... so I was really pleased to see his improvement over the course of the 3 days of competing, no placings for him this competition, but with a few more miles under his belt.... we'll see! All of the Prydes riders, myself included had people asking after which feeds our horses were on... it was a real living, breathing advertisement for the Prydes product lines!

We are now gearing up for Queesland State Championships in two weeks to be held at Caboolture, then a big trip down to Sydney for Nationals!!!! SO EXCITING, I cant wait!

Thanks again for all your support in our sport!

Leasa Stephen-
Sponsored Rider

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