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Kate Brydon, Carolyn Lieutenant & of course I'm always under the watchful eye of my husband David Shoobridge!


Revelwood Mon Star, Smash Hit, Magritte, Revelwood Mastermind plus the odd horse in training


Mon Star is by Gymnastik Star out of our first broodmare by Monopol (Lanefield Beatrice). Smash Hit is an imported stallion by Sandro Hit out of the full sister to Rubinstein (Rose Noire). Magritte, also imported but now retired from competition, is by Magini out of the mother of Briar (Ciceron) and Mastermind is by Man about Town out of a Lunchtime (TB) mare.

Special care and management considerations of your horse(s):

Mon Star has several allergies and is (believe it or not) even allergic to dirt!  She has to be fed dust reduced feed and is not allowed to eat any feed off the ground!

The stallions (Smash Hit, Magritte and Mastermind) are incredibly well behaved as riding horses but care always needs to be taken in spring when their hormones kick into action!  Special attention is always paid to ensuring they maintain good body condition over the breeding season.

Name the most influential person in your riding career and why:

Kate Brydon. Kate has been training me since I was 12 years old. She often recalls times when I would be riding my first pony “Revelwood Jack”  around the arena questioning her exercises and pulling faces when told to do something again!!

Special highlight(s) in your riding career:

I think the highlights for me are more personal than winning ribbons and trophies (although that can be quite a highlight too)!  From riding my first piaffe steps to training horses we have bred through the levels.  It was an absolute buzz to ride my first diagonal of one time changes - I almost fell off poor Magritte with excitement!!  I am also really enjoying riding Smash Hit - every ride is a highlight!  I think everyone around me is a bit tired of hearing how wonderful the horse is!

Describe your first pony:

“Jack” was pretty cool (he still is actually- he is 29yo and retired at my Mum's property in Terrey Hills).  He was given to me in voucher form as a Christmas present in 1991.  I was so excited I couldn't wait to drag Mum to the saddlery to look at the “for sale” ads in the window.  Mum said we weren't allowed to call people on Christamas Day and I would have to wait until Boxing Day until I could go and see any ponies.  So, 7am I was dressed and ready to go to the saddlery window to look for my new pony!  Sure enough we found the ad for Jack - drove to his paddock and it was love at first sight - what 11yo doesn't go crazy over a cute dapple grey pony?  We competed in hacking, pony club, eventing and dressage.  He was a super pony and even did an associate 5.1 test at an Interschool comp!

Describe your riding history:

Started riding at age 11 with Revelwood Jack.  At 13 I moved onto a Schoolmaster TB - Kildonen Burgundy who competed at Novice eventing and Advanced dressage.  At 16yo I decided to try my luck with a young warmblood and purchased Revelwood Spellbinder - a then 4yo gelding by Foxground Klimke (“Oscar”).  He was all but straight-forward and taught me a lot about riding! Oscar also taught me about management of young horses and how important it is to handle and train them correctly.  This inspired the purchase of “General Consent” a black 3 week old foal by Genghis Khan out of a Contact mare - now our foundation stallion at Revelwood.

I then moved on to Neversfelde Kascade a full brother to Neversfelde Kudu who I competed on at PSG/ I1 level.  By this time, the breeding side of Revelwood had developed and there were several youngsters on the ground.  I always liked Mon Star (“Meg”) my current horse so decided to keep her once she was broken in.  She is now rising 7yo and has had her first Advanced start.  I have also been lucky to ride Magritte 780 owned by Emma Youngman.  He is the ultimate Grand Prix schoolmaster but he is now 20yo so is retired from competition.  I also had the chance to ride Glennis Barry's Grand Prix horse Gaucho II for 6 months while he was at Revelwood.  He has now been sold to an up and coming young rider.  I am now spoilt for choice with Smash Hit and Mastermind who are such lovely young horses.

Do you have any hobbies/other interests?

I am also a veterinarian so that keeps me pretty busy when I'm not riding.  I generally practice at home through my clinic - Revelwood Veterinary Services.  I have a keen interest in horse reproduction and advanced breeding technologies.  I have started an embryo transfer program at Revelwood which focuses on our imported bloodlines - we have 5 ET foals due this season.  I also LOVE Australian Idol!!!

Do you have any other animals?

A pet rainbow lorikeet (called Chris Murphy - after the Australian Idol contestant), 3 cats - Matilda (tabby moggy), Oliver (British Short Hair) and Henry (ginger moggy) and Mell - a fluffy goat who thinks she's a dog.  David is in charge of the family dogs - Zoe, Polly and Rupert.

What are your ambitions?

I would love to continue competing on the young horses that we are breeding as well as training Mon Star, Smash Hit and Mastermind up the grades.  It is always a juggle to compete in the breeding season but fingers crossed I will make it to all the big comps this year.

What do you require from your horse feed?

We have such a wide range of horses at Revelwood from pregnant broodmares to foals, stallions and riding horses.  We use a variety of Pryde's feeds to ensure that their needs are met and I always find the team at Pryde's happy to help with dietary advice or formulations.

Which Pryde's feeds do you use and why do you like them?

We use EasiResponse and EasiResult with the riding horses and add Rebuild to any horses with low body weights.  The broodmares and foals are feed EasiBreed in combination with the EasiFeed 150 pellets.  The Pryde's feeds are easy to use and don't require addition of any further vitamins or minerals if fed in the right amounts.  With up to 115 horses on the stud we need a no fuss, easy to prepare feed that the horses love and do well on.

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