Kelvin Brett Johnson

Riding Disciplines



Sybil, Billie Jean, Swap, Casanova, Bounty, Classic, Apple



Name the most influential person in your riding career and why:

There have been many .But my father has given me the ability to ride pretty much anything and inspired me to do well in any discipline.                                                     

Describe your riding history:

From a very young age i spent a lot of time mustering on the back of dads horses. I've Rodeo'd a little,Campdrafted a little,did some Tentpegging,broken and trained Polocrosse and Polo horses and have represented Aus in both. I spend a lot of time re-educating horse and rider combo's for clients in many horse sports.   

Special highlight(s) in your riding career:

Represented Qld on a number of occasions playing Polocrosse and 2 Nationals. In Polo played for Aus in England and Sth Africa also played in China,NZ,Thailand,and India.

What are your ambitions?

Achieve a 6gl handicap..maybe.

Have you trained or coached any riders who have had success?

I give riding and basic horsemanship skills/lessons regularly. I've trained horses to play UK and Argentine High goal. Also made and handed down National level horses to Intermediate and Junior that have gone on again to Nationals for each.

Special care and management considerations of your horse(s):

Our horses are to be fast, athletic and cool. So years in making them slowly.

Which Pryde's feeds do you use and why do you like them?

I combine EasiRide and EasiResult, it provides everything our horses require without getting hot.

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