Merrick Ubank

Merrick Ubank Level 1 Sponsored Rider

Riding Disciplines



Michelle Lang - sometimes


Dover Street, Up'n'Down, Tallai Lady & a lot of young horses


* Dover Street - TBred - Greig (imp) x Serrulate - Breeder unknown
* Up'n'Down - TBred X - Breeding and Breeder unknown
* Tallai Lady - TBred - Breakfast Creek (Sire) - Breeder unknown


Mez or Mezza

Is your area a noted horse district?  If so give details:

Beaudesert - Yes, for thoroughbred studs etc

Special care and management considerations of your horse(s):

Performance, their hooves, healthy coat, happy horse

Name the most influential person in your riding career and why:

Chris Chugg, Ron Easey, Michelle Lang

Special highlight(s) in your riding career:

Champion SJ Horse - Sydney Royal 07, Leading Rider - Sydney Royal 07, Winner Grand Prix Brisbane Royal 07 , Third World Cup Qualifier - Brisbane Royal 07, Leading Showjump Rider - Toowoomba Royal 06, 07

Represented Australia in Korea, South Africa and India

Describe your first pony:

Brown Pony called Tony who used to take off on me

Describe your riding history:

Started to ride when I was about 5. Went to pony club and started to jump when I was about 10yrs old.

Do you have any hobbies/other interests?

Drag racing and getting my property set up

Do you have any other animals?

3 dogs - Rex, Max and Tinsel

2 cats - Scary and Sassy

1 fish

What are your ambitions?

To be successful and happy

What do you require from your horse feed?

Cool, responsive energy

Balanced minerals and vitamins

Coat condition

Which Pryde's feeds do you use and why do you like them?

EasiResult - the horses love it (even Dover Street who is fussy). It gives them energy without making them hot

EasiResponse - It is easy to feed, cheap, and the horses love it

Have you trained or coached any riders who have had success?

I help junior riders out all the time at shows, etc and I coached other team riders in India

How will Pryde's Sponsorship make a difference to you?

It will aid my horses performance, coat and help us out financially. (Feed is everything)

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