Amanda Shoobridge

                      Amanda Shoobridge at the 2014 Dressage Nationals

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Weaning time can be stressful for young horses and with stress comes reduced feed intakes, weight loss and increased susceptibility to disease. Reducing the stress of weaning can help foals to continue growing and avoid serious illness during this time. One simple way to reduce weaning stress is to keep their feed the same as it was with their dam. BioMare Cubes are an excellent feed for mares and foals and as such make the perfect feed for foals to be weaned onto and grown out on.

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Feeding The Lactating Mare
by Nerida Richards

Feeding the Lactating Mare

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Hands on - understanding grain quality Sampling and screening raw materials prior to intake Automatic batching providing precision in manufacturing Laboratory - pivotal in maintaining FeedSafe Accreditation and Quality Assurance system
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