Balancer pellets

Are your horses maintaining condition or getting too fat on pasture alone?

Do you like to feed your own oats or grain mix? Do you feed a complete feed but at less than the recommended amount?

The Pryde’s EasiBalanced® range of balancer pellets is here to make your life simple and keep your horses in pristine health! Designed to balance the unique vitamin and mineral profile of pastures and ‘mix-your-own’ oats or grain based rations, our EasiBalanced® range makes creating high-tech, nutritionally complete diets as simple as ‘scoop and feed’.

They will also fi ll any nutrient gaps that may be left in a diet when you feed complete feeds at less than the recommended amount.

With a balancer pellet carefully designed for almost every unique situation and budget simply choose the one that suits you and your horses the best.

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