Kenya Wilson

Riding Disciplines



Stuart Tinney, Chantelle Currey


Winifred Fair, 3*, 15.2 hh, Cleveland Bay Sport Horse, Barabadeen Aspire, 1*, 16hh, Holsteiner, Baraya Happy Days, Eva 85, 16hh, Irish Sport Horse, Aralwood Junior, Eva 85, 16.2hh, Thoroughbred Prima Vera, 15.3hh, thoroughbred/tracainer

What do you feed?

Whinny - EasiSport, Aspire - EasiResult, EasiOil and Polished and the youngsters - EasiRide

What do you require from your horse feed?

Particularly with Aspire and the youngsters I need a cool energy without the "fizz" so that they can have the energy to compete all 3 phases of Eventing and train whilst still being able to sit on them.

Being in WA with little to no feed on the ground, we lack many nutrients and mineral to what most other horses may get from their pastures. I require a feed that helps cover the vitamins and minerals that are essential to a horses diet and well-being.

Special care and management considerations of your horse(s):

Aspire can be quite highly strung and also suffers from dry coat and skin, the combination of Pryde's feeds have her looking and feeling her best. It is incredible to see the transformation in her coat!

Special highlight(s) in your riding career:

Competing as part of the Australian Young rider team at the Oceania Eventing Young Rider Championships 2015 in Taupo, NZ

What are your riding ambitions?

Complete in a 4* and represent Australia

Name the most influential person in your riding career:

Stuart Tinney

Do you have any hobbies/other interests?

Neither, however I am a full time uni student at Curtin University, studying Exercise, Sport and Rehabilitation Science.

Name the most influential person in your riding career and why:

Ian Campbell (my stepfather) as he is a constant supporter and motivator and is highly respected in Western Australia for hisShow Jumping achievements - he even gained his Pony Club A Certificate!


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