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Riding Disciplines



Rory Hovell, Peter Shaw and Sonja Johnson.


Tempus Fugit, Touchstone Felix (owned by Ben Mitchell, Hope Springs (owned by Ken Knight, Major Moment (part owned by Ros Tresize and Touchstone Vegas


Thoroughbreds & Australian Stockhorses

Name the most influential person in your riding career and why:

Ian Silitch - American SJ coach. He welcomed me into his stables in Florida to compete in America, where I got to ride and learn from many different horses under his guidance, as well as stable management practices that I still use today.

Describe your riding history:

Born into a thoroughbred racing family, I grew up riding a pony in a stock saddle around my grandparent’s farm. Began Eventing in my teens on my Arab pony that had a major dislike for eventing! Growing up watching Gill Rolten and Matt Ryan, I said ‘I want to be just like them one day’.

What are your ambitions?

To represent Australia on a Senior Team, and to breed performance Stockhorses suited to eventing.

Special care and management considerations of your horse(s):

The thoroughbreds tend to be fussy eaters that are hard to put weight on whilst also trying to keep their mind calm, whilst the stockhorses tend to be the opposite!

Which Pryde's feeds do you use and why do you like them?

Easi-Result – Tempus Fugit was always a skinny thoroughbred that I could never get to finish his meal, no matter how small the feed was, no matter what the feed was made up of....until I found Pryde's! He now licks his feed bin clean and refuses to eat anything else. I love this product because of its high papalability and the low fizz - perfect for a highly strung eventer!

Easi-Performance – This is a great feed for the ‘laid back’ characters, aka stockhorses! Great palatability and high energy.

Easi-Ride –great for the youngsters who are not on a high work load but still want something tasty for breakfast.

Pryde’s Polished – to keep coats shiny and hooves healthy, this really has made a difference to clipped coats during the colder months, keeping them glistening.

How will Pryde's Sponsorship make a difference to you?

Pryde's EasiFeeds are products that I truly love, and that my horses love. Being sponsored by Pryde's means I am a part of a great Australian company and having that support behind me and my goals I really appreciate.

Winning the National Young Rider Eventing Championship at the Australian International Three Day Event (AI3DE).

Placing 2nd in the CCI** at the AI3DE and winning Lakes and Crates CIC***.

2010 - Being on the Young Rider Trans Tasman Australian team, travelling to Christchurch under the guidance of Prue Barrett.

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