Craig Barrett


Riding Disciplines



Heath Ryan (3 years), Wayne and Vicky Roycroft and recently Brett Parbury and Gareth Hughes


Sandhills Brillaire


Thoroughbred / Warmblood cross

Name the most influential person in your riding career:

Heath Ryan taught me how to understand horses and to be an advanced level event rider and also showed me how to make a career in the horse industry.             

Describe your riding history:

I started riding at the age of ten at Coffs Harbour pony club. I was never very good until I went to the NSW equestrian centre when I was 16 and started to develop a passion for equestrian sports. I loved to sophisticated training of the dressage, but loved the excitement of the cross country riding,so chose to devote my efforts to becoming an event rider.

Have you coached any riders who have had success:

I have trained a number of riders who have gone on to be elite riders and represent Aus, these include Jessie Irvine Brown Christine Bates and Claudia Graham. I'm also currently teaching a number of young riders who are wining from intro thru to junior one star.                  

Special care and management of your horses:

It's most important that my horses get the best feed and nutrition available, their feet are taken care of by a top class farrier, they have available to them the best veterinary care and are trained in a classical manner.

Which Prydes feed do you use and why do you like them:

Easi Response is a very good base feed and is suitable for all levels of horses. Easi Result is a very palatable feed and ideal for eventers as they get all their energy requirements and stay cool for the dressage.

How will Prydes Sponsorship make a difference to you?

The Prydes sponsorship allows me to individualise the feeding of my horses. This greatly enhances the ability of each and every horse to be maximised.

What are your ambitions - To continue to produce horses to the elite level and continue to strive to represent Aus. To also coach young riders through to the elite levels.

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