Jasmine Dennison

Australian Riding Team Jasmine Dennison

Riding Diciplines: Show Jumping

Horses Names: Bubble & Squeak (Spud), Fosbury Flop (Foz), Nicolossi (Nicci)

Breed(s): Warmblood/Thoroughbred Cross, Thoroughbred

Your coach(es): Laurie Lever          


Name the most influential person in your riding career and why:

Tiffany Greenhill, who was my first instructor in Australia, was fantastic for me. She worked very hard to try to make sure I had good basic skills, and gave me lots of encouragement.

Now I spend a lot of time with Laurie Lever who is my instructor and he is very inspirational. I am very lucky to have someone with so much experience and knowledge helping me and my horses improve.


Describe your riding history:

I began riding in Italy when I was 6 years old. I had my first lessons from a wonderful instructor called Piero. He was a university professor in animal behaviour and he taught me the importance of treating horses with great care. I moved back to Australia when I was 7 and free leased my first horse, Wally. I started competitions on my second horse, Wiz, and the trick with Wiz was to try to stay on! Jinx (Lakevale Stylish Century) was my third pony and we struck up a strong partnership. We were lucky enough to have some exciting performances together in both show jumping and eventing. At the Interschool Nationals, we won the Primary Show Jumping, finished second in the Primary Novice Dressage and third in Prelim eventing class. Jinx has been passed to my sister, and I am now show jumping on Foz and Spud. Spud has gone from having 3 show jumping points to 47 points in 18 months. I am just starting on a new young 7 year old Nicolossi who was bred by David Lever. It will be exciting to go on a journey with her!


Special highlight(s) in your riding career:

Most recently, my highlights have been:

{C}-          Being awarded Equestrian Victoria Young Athlete of the Year for 2014

{C}-          Winner and runner-up on Spud and Foz in the Junior Championships at the 2014 South Australian Show Jumping Championships. Spud also won the Monalita Junior Grand Prix

{C}-          Winner and runner-up on Spud and Foz in the 125cm Junior Championships at the December 2013 Sale World Cup Show

{C}-          Winner and runner-up on Spud and Foz in 2014 Victorian Interschool Championships

{C}-          Winner in the A2 Junior Speed class on Spud at the FEI Sydney World Cup show in April

I am very fortunate to have my two horses going well together!




What are your ambitions?

My goals for this year are to do well at the upcoming Australian Show Jumping Championships and at the Youth Show Jumping Festival at Camden in early October. Eventually I hope that I will have an opportunity to compete at an international level.


Have you trained or coached any riders who have had success?

Not yet!


Special care and management considerations of your horse(s):

At the moment, we are lucky that we don't have particular special care considerations for my horses.


Which Pryde's feeds do you use and why do you like them?

I use EasiResults, EasiSport and EasiFeed 300 Pellets as feed for my horses. I like them because the horses stay very healthy, their coats stay nice and they seem to look forward to meals time every day! I have received good advice from David which we follow closely.


How will Pryde's sponsorship make a difference to you?

I appreciate my Pryde's Sponsorship as it helps contribute to the costs of my riding. I am proud to be displaying the Pryde's name on clothing and horse gear and rugs that we have been provided.


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