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Having begun riding at a very early age and as a result of a strong family involvement in the sport, Billy’s life has since been dedicated to producing showjumping horses to the highest level. He has represented Australia on multiple National, senior and young rider teams, and has campaigned & produced world class horses, a few of those include Royal Selections, Dutch Choice, Balmoral Tim Tram, Nicalette NZPH and Stardom. Billy won the Australian World Cup League in 2005 and was Runner up in 2010, 2011 & 2013 as well as won many state and National titles including the 2011 & 2013 New Zealand National Senior Title.

Billy is renowned for his ability in getting the best out of every horse, and every ride he gives. He believes his success is the result of his approach towards his horses, “treat them as serious horses, take your time in training and do not rush them, your horse has to be confident, confidence comes from trust and that comes from creating a partnership.” Billy is envied for his knack with young or difficult horses, which complements his belief in the importance of providing horses with the best possible start to their performance career.

What is special about Billy is his concern towards promoting showjumping in Australia, to ensure its future is progressive. He does this through aiding new and experienced riders to develop their skills and to encourage and assist those not only interested in being successful riders but also in preparing, coaching, management, and course building. His charm does not prevent his objective assessment of both horse and rider, his ability to identify strengths, make adjustments and improve each and every combination presented to him are an asset.

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