David McKinnon & Robbie Soster


Robs, Berti & Dave, D Mack.

Riding Disciplines:

(R) Dressage and show horse (D) Dressage


(R) Miguel Tavora, Brett Parbery, Sue Hearn and mum Ali Soster. 

(D): Brett Parbery, Sue Hearn and Miguel Tavora


(R) Robali Razzamatazz, Danora. and many more

(D) Johnny Depp (owned by Tarnya Notley) HV Her Highness (owned by Laura Summerhayes) Woodside Lady Loxley (owned by Mark Dowling) Davina (Owned by Edwina Roberts) and many others.


(R) Warmblood and Warmblood TB

(D) Warmbloods


(R) (D) We feed a wide variety of Prydes Feeds with chaff or hay. For our younger horses or slightly hotter horses, Easi Ride or Easi Sport and sometimes Easi Fibre. 

For our competition horses, a mix of Easi Response, Easi Result, Energy Pak, 150 mineral pellets, Prydes Easi Oil and polished.

What do we require from our horse feed?

(R) (D) Variety and the ability to condition any horse that comes into our stables. I can be sure that Prydes has something for any of the horses that come into training, and that we can always have our horses looking healthy, shiny and well conditioned for performance.

Special Care and Management considerations of your horse(s)?

(R) (D) The care and management of our team is of high priority to us. We pay huge attention to the health and preparation of every horse as all require different feeds and management. 

We turn the horses into the paddock every day, walk them up the road on solid ground, feed a variety of Prydes feed according to each horses needs and feed additives and minerals if required. We are very particular about rugging, take their temperatures every day before work, ice their legs after work, do a 10pm hay up and check every night to be sure everyone is happy and provide weekly physio and massage.

Special highlight(s) in your riding career?

(R) I have been fortunate enough to have many career highlights that have meant a lot to me.  From Winning EA National Show horse senior rider along side our pupil Edwina Hutton Potts as Reserve rider, to 3rd and 4th in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix freestyle at Sydney CDI this year, and all the other moments too.

(D) Johnny Depp was medium tour champion at the dressage nationals 2015 and Daytona Joy was Novice champion at the same event in 2015. 

A very memorable moment was when i won the Novice National Champion 2011 on Bradgate Park Jatz (owned by John and Bev Healy) It was my first major win.

What are your riding ambitions?

(R) (D) To represent Australia at an Olympics or WEG, and to produce numerous horses to Grand Prix.

Name the most influential person in your riding career?

(R) Miguel Tavora and mum Ali Soster. They have given me a lot of time and knowledge over the years.

(D) Brett Parbery and Mark Dowling. Both these people have given me so many opportunities.

Do you have any hobbies/other interests?

(R) I'm interested in Styling and all things artistic. Other sports.

(D) Fishing, surfing and skiing.

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