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What do I feed?

The feed that I only use is Pryde's EasiResult, Multi hay cubes, clover rye grass hay and a chaff mix with a good paddock when I can put them out. My 22 year stallion Worldwide PB will only eat EasiResult and hay cubes as he has worn teeth is as fit and muscled as when he was younger just glows with health and still puts in a day of training.

My new horse which is the son of Worldwide PB is a 8 year old gelding by the name of TS World Magic, he is a big boy of 17 2 1/2 hh and still filling out. He is the same loves EasiResult, chaff mix and as much good quality grass hay that he will eat. As I know with Pryde's feeds they have the right amount of vitamin D, minerals and supplements that my horses need for healthy bones, skin, muscles, eyesight and you never have to add anything to Pryde's EasiFeeds. It's all there and my boy love it my welsh ponies thrive on it as well.

Special highlights in my career

Getting my dream horse Worldwide PB and owning just a magnificent stallion. Winning Gold at the 2012 London Paralympic Games, on my own beautiful horse and being so proud to see the Australian flag go up being awarded a OMA. Winning best Australian rider,  best International rider and one of the big ones winning the FEI against all odds award being flown to Switzerland and being treated like royalty it was just amazing.

The most influential person in my life would have to be my parents Pat and Sam Formosa for they always supported me from a small child to now and encourage me to follow my dreams and goals and never give up, they taught me to be honest to be true to myself as well as to people and to care and help others.




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