Adam Wooten



Riding discipline:



George Morris


Currently have a team of 9 horses including:

  • Oaks Diabella
  • Oaks Centurian
  • Bolero De La Vie Z
  • For Fly Heldenlaan Z
  • Ulouve B Z
  • Kitty Hawk being the top horses.


All warmblood except for kitty hawk who is Irish sport horse

What do you feed:

I feed Pryde's EasiResult, EasiResponse and EasiRide

What do you require from your horses feed:

Well balanced feed that has the ingredients to sustain a healthy horse and the energy levels suitable for a competition horse.

Special care and management considerations of your horses:

We have a very extensive management program from veterinary through to feed all designed for maintenance and prevention to ensure our horses have the longest career possible.

Special highlights in your riding career:

Fortunate enough to have competed throughout America, Canada and New Zealand as well as all over Australia all of which have been highlights What are your riding ambitions: to continue to produce very nice quality showjumping horses and continue to compete throughout Australia and one day take some back overseas.

Name the most influential person in your riding career:

George Morris

Do you have any hobbies/other interests:

Snow skiing

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