Double Dans - Dan Steers




Pete Webber, Mark Buttsworth, Warren Backhouse, Heath Harris


Talawahl Double Image, Taunton Vale 007, Taunton Vale Tigerlilly, Taunton Vale Pleasure Seeker, Almora Embrace, Please. 


Australian Stock Horse

What do you feed:

Biomare Cubes

What do you require from your horse feed:

We require topline condition but with low energy as often the horses need to perform or entertain off minimal work due to our time schedule.

Special care and management considerations of your horses:

Horse husbandry including full veterinary care such as regular teeth and farrier work. The use of the Equissage after work helps massage the horses muscles. 

Special highlight in your riding career:

2014 Reserve Champion at Road to the Horse in USA, 2012 Champion at Main event colt starting in Canada, 2015 Champion at the Dalby Australian Stock Horse Colt Starting in Dalby, 2016 Champion at the Coonamble Rookie Challenge, Finalist in the Paradise Lagoon’s Super Beef Campdraft in 2012.

What are your riding ambitions:

We endeavour to continue to improve our horsemanship skills to be better communicators to the horse, for the love of horses. 

Do you have any hobbies/other interests:

AFL and enjoying time with my family. 

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