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With Breeding and Growing horses, there are so many variables to consider! This page here will hopefully put you in the right direction and provide a tonne of information to help you out the best way possible with topics like: feeding the weanling, yearling prep, broodmare nutrition, feeding for controlled growth rates, keeping stallions 'safe & sound', feeding the lactating mare, managing mares in lush pasture and much more...


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Here is a bundle of information to help you out...


✔ Super easy to feed, no chaff or mixing needed

✔ Quality protein and organic minerals for fertility and growth

✔ Excellent for horses needing weight gain

✔ Balancer pellet to fill the nutrient gaps in high quality pasture based diets

✔ Readily eaten horse pellet that can be fed alone

✔ Use to balance other feeds when fed at lower than recommended rates

✔ Make show and sale preparation easy

✔ Quality protein for muscle definition

✔ Extra oil and sunflowers for coat shine


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Nutritional videos - Getting started.


Understanding what set recipe & least cost mixing is when deciding what horse feed to buy is VERY important. Here is a video to show HOW you can determine if this is the case.

If you are wanting to know WHY having a quality protein in your horses diet is so important. Dr Nerida Richard explains:

- what protein is and what does it mean to have a high and low quality protein in your horse's diet.

- through a visual example how essential and non-essential amino acids are used by the horse to build muscle protein.

- what the difference is between a high and low quality protein when looking at the most limiting essential amino acids Lysine and Methionine.