Leasa Stephens Report - May/June 2014

Hi Prydes Team!

Getting ready for the two star…

GL Morriarty is currently my main comp horse at the moment, with Galanthus deciding to kick back at a stable wall and cause himself a stupid injury (bruised heels) which means rest and time off for him. So May, starting with plan A with Galanthus doing the PSG at the Caboolture Championships, and Morry doing the Elementary freestyle, ended up with Gally scratched and just the one boy out there competing. Sigh…. Horses!!!!!!!!!!! GAH!

Morry was a super boy though- with a fantastic score, of 72.5%, (one judge gave us 77%) for his first competition in nearly 3 years! AND a win! GO LITTLE LAD!!!!

Galanthus being out for a few weeks (REALLY bad timing), as caused me to have to rethink my plans for the year. Gone is the Brisbane CDI, where I was really hoping to contest the PSG, and now my full focus is looking ahead to the Sunshine Coast Two Star Champs and the QLD State Champs. I have decided I want to prepare 3 horses for these competitions, hoping like heck that Galanthus will keep his hoofs to himself and be ready to contest the PSG and Inter 1 at these events. With Morriarty, the plan is to do the Elementary, and MAYBE the medium if we can smooth out the changes a little more, and my youngster, Aluka Sonata (aka Luka) should be on track for the prelim and novice. This of course is the new Plan A. We shall see.

In the meantime, I am about to head up to Maryborough for the Interschool State Champs, where my Stuartholme girls are competing for a big 4 days. Preparation wise, all on track, so fingers crossed they all have a super and fun event! Shortly after that, I will be trekking down to North Star in rurual NSW to teach a 4 day clinic with a whole bunch of country kids and adults. CANT WAIT! Will be a lot of fun, and I am truly looking forward to working with and meeting a new bunch of riders!

I also have a couple of riders competing at the State Pony Club championships in two weeks, and also the National Dressage Young Rider Champs- so coaching wise, it is a FULL ON next 3 weeks. GOOD LUCK to everyone, and I am so glad that the horses are well and truly powered by Prydes as they sure as heck are going to need their “weeties” to get through the madness that is July 2014!

I am very very excited that Prydes is once more partnering the EQUITANA volunteer program- the first round of offers for the 200 strong TEAM EQUITANA go out at the end of this week, and with in excess of 300 applications to date, we are looking forward to the most AMAZING time when we gather in Melbourne for EQUITANA ’14! Thanks so much Prydes- I know the team will not only look amazing in their uniforms, but will be looked after so well by you and the crew!

Look forward to seeing you guys soon! Thanks again for all your support of me, my team, my students, their horses and to the sport in general. You guys rock!

Leasa Stephen
QLD Prydes Rider