Report: Teegan Ashby

Hi Pryde’s Team,

After doing my Melbourne wrap up in my May report, there isn’t too much to say about the rest of June.

The month was pretty uneventful, filled with teaching and riding clients horses and my own young horses. I also attended the Young Rider of the Year training weekend. As a past winner of this award IOT Eventing, I spent the weekend helping and running activities for the top 10 participants.

It was a really lovely weekend, so fun and informative for the riders.

On the Monday after the weekend, the top 3 were announced and these riders will be attending the EV Awards Dinner held at Crown Casino in July, where the winner will be announced. I am looking forward to this eventing. The 3 participants selected for Eventing are really nice girls and I would be proud to see any one of them win. Eventing will be in good hands for the next 12 months,

After Melbourne we picked up Desmond’s 2 year old sister Luna. She has been broken in for about 6 weeks now and is a lovely little mare.

I have had a nice Clydie cross, Milly at my place for some jumping training. She is the sister of my big grey Ben. She is very fun to ride and I will be sad to see her go when she gets picked up by her owner.

J also have a  13hh pony living at our place. He is here for retraining  for his young rider. She comes out once a week for a ride and  together  we are working  on getting him to relax and slow down!

Just yesterday J got another pony from a client to ridc and babysit whilst they are away on holidays. It looks like I’m not going to run out of horses to rid c any time

Next week we leave for Tamworth with Des and Secrets. We are off to the horse trials and Des is doing the Intro and Secrets is in the 1*. It’s going to be a long journey but hopefully it will be a good one.

Then two weeks after Tamworth we are taking the same two horses, in the same

grades to Werribee for the EV Fundraiser Horse Trails. Hopefully my next report will be full of good news.