Leasa Stephens - Great way to finish off the year

August, I was away in Turkey so was unable to compete--- this time for Gallipoli commemorations of the Battle of Lone Pine 100 Year. Unfortunately, Dressage QLD moved the dates of the State Championships to August, so this meant no States for me this year. Darn it.

Festival of Dressage (Sept )- and of course had a great time working with Mitch on the Pryde's stand… was a lot of fun getting to talk to fellow riders about the feed range! I also got roped into modelling- kind of ironic, but once again I thank Prydes from the bottom of my heart that you don’t ask your riders to dress in lycra!    

September also saw me competing my stallions GL Morriarty and Galanthus at the Sunshine Coast Championships. This was my biggest event for the second half of 2015 as due to the new date of the State Champs (August),. I had a super time at this competition- with Galanthus winning the Reserve Small Tour Champion, and Morriarty getting a 3rd in the Elementary class! The temperament of both horses, energy levels and great coats a true representation of the super feed range that Prydes has!

In October, I managed to finally get my young horse out- Aluka Sonata, who first time off property, WON both his first tests with 68 and 69%! Extremely pleased with this young gelding! I had a lot of students out competing at this event- and every one of us came away with Blue Ribbons! Great haul for Team Gypsie and our Prydes Powered Horses!

 November had me down at ELF, where once more I ran the volunteer program for Equine Productions. I was able to drop in and say hi to Matt and Jess at the Prydes stand, in between duties. It was a fabulous new event, and it was particularly good to watch the Prydes riders competing in the jumping- a sport I don’t often get to watch!

Looking ahead for me- as a rider- to continue towards training Galanthus for an eventual Grand Prix Start, Morriarty is working on his changes now for a medium start in the new season, and my youngsters are going well for their debut next year, and Luka will be ready soon for sale to someone who plans on loving this lovely boy as much as I do!

I am looking forward to continuing working closely with Prydes into 2016—as a rider, as a coach, an event manager and basically as part of the Prydes Team!

All the very best!
Leasa Stephen