Great success for Tammy

My first All Welsh State Championships and what a huge competition this is. Over 3 days and hundreds and hundreds of welsh bred horses and ponies. From all over the states come to compete here. I had entered Trevor in the prelim dressage classes. This is open to any horse or pony with welsh breeding in it. After a tense first warm up due to being in an indoor area, Trevor came to his senses at just the right minute. Lol. He was super in the first test winning with 69%. The second test was just as good but a small judge error saw us drop down a few placings to 5th, oh well, nothing we could do but overall we won the prelim championship. A very happy moment for both myself and Trevor's owner as there were some really good quality horses and ponies competing against us. Trevor being one of the smallest! I was also happy to have met some really lovely people there. One of which I've managed to pick up as a new student. We had a big chat about feed and what I recommended for a really fat pony. So she's going to try the EasiSport and being a non grain based product I think it will really help with keeping the pony cool without adding anymore weight. These ponies can be a bugger to keep trim! Lol. So hopefully this new diet will help get back the pony she once had as apparently he’s now a little monster at times. That’s it for this month. With being away for Easter holidays we missed the big shows. But May should see some great championship events for all 3 horses. Their training has been going super. I'm very happy with how all the horses have been riding.