Great start with Paul Brent

We had a great day on the first Saturday of February at NVSJC. The arena was perfectly prepared and great courses built by Russell Morrison. We had a few young horses who jumped lovely clear rounds in ring two, one having his first show and behaved really well. Paul and Fontaine Blue VDL jumped double clear and placed 4th in the 1.20m and Michelle and El Nino Vivace placed 6th in the 1.30m. Congratulations to Jamie Ellis coming home with a 6th place also.

We then had a weekend at home to catch up on jobs and then the following weekend we hosted a clinic with David Dobson at home. We both rode in the clinic, Michelle with Vivace and Paul rode Fontaine, Kavita and Aliyah. We had a very enjoyable weekend with a great group of riders with five groups of 3 riders in a lesson and everyone seemed to gain a lot from the training with David.

The final weekend for February we attendedBerwick Show, thank you to Gayle Joyce and the committee for all their hard work in running such a great event. Paul and Kablesse Kavita were 5th in the 1.10m, Fontaine Blue VDL was 2nd in the 1.25m and Cavalli Park Aliyah was 2nd in the 1.30m. Michelle and El Nino Vivace were 5th in the 1.20m and 3rd in the 1.25m