Steve Comiskey very proud at the 2016 Paradise Lagoons Campdraft

Hi Pryde's Team,

A very special day had a come to Steve Comiskey at the Paradise Lagoons Campdraft in 2016, where he was very proud to win the NAB Agribusiness Australian Open Campdraft on his wonderful home bred mare called Lyra Parks Delta !

Steve felted very honored to win this draft as it meant a lot to him and his family as the Acton's have been close family friends for many years !

It is always pleasure to compete in such a beautiful complex !

All to the man himself which had high hopes and big dreams !

Thanks to you Big G !

Also would like to thank my wonderful sponsors Pryde's EasiFeed that put there trust in and support in us with there great products to keep our horses at there peak condition for competition, also our friendly rep Rod Kindner that is always taking great care of his teams members !

Thanks Again,

Steve & Louise Comiskey