Nice update from Emma Hansen

Pryde's EasiFeed Emma Hansen

As mentioned in my June report, Sunday 12th July Qb went out to NDHD and did 3 nice tests, particularly given the circumstances, for 3rd in the Prelim and 2 3rd’s in the Novice. His mystery fat leg remains unsolved, but we haven’t had a problem again since and I am managing it by icing after any high impact rides.

Since ODE’s have been light on the ground I took Qb to the Queensland Indoor Showjumping Championships at QSEC on Saturday the 26th. I had him in the outdoor classes for 90cm and 1m. Both were AM7 rounds with about 50 in each class, and he placed 5th in both. He was jumping really well and regardless of having placed I was very happy with him, placing was an added bonus, particularly considering most of the class consisted of kids on speedy ponies. Unfortunately I woke up ill on the Sunday so we didn’t compete, I opted to leave it on a good note (given our history of showjumping problems) rather than risk an incident due to not being 100%.

Missy is improving every day. We are continuing on as we have been and she is progressing well, its almost like she is a different horse since sorting our issues out.  I will continue to plug away quietly with her and the plan is to come out guns blazing next season.

Please find attached my invoices for July and August, and pictures of Qb at QSEC.