Anne Webster - Skye

I am a regular purchaser of Pryde’s products including EasiResult, 150 pellets and EasiRide with my current horses, and BioMare Cubes when the mare I rode last weekend foaled a few years ago.
Steve and Felise from Coffs Harbour Produce are my regular feed suppliers so it was great to have them involved in the event.
I have attached a photo of the mare, Skye in her winning trophy rug. I have used the Pryde’s products to bring her back into work after a few years in the paddock and she loves them!
I also have an advanced dressage horse who does really well on chaff, oats and 150 pellets. I am an amateur rider with 4 horses who works full time so value for money and ease of feeding is also important.
Thanks again.
Anne Webster.