Jenny's 3 week success

Hi Pryde's

I thought I would send you through some photos of my horse that I have had on Pryde’s EasiFeed for 3 weeks. I received advice from your stand at Dressage With The Stars where we were competing as I was unhappy with the condition and energy levels of my 6 yo young horse.

He had been gelded 6 months prior and had lost a lot of condition and muscle especially over the last month before the competition. I am very impressed with the improvement in his condition and energy levels. He is now able to keep up with the demands of his continuing training. I have also just commenced my daughters small tour horse on the same regime.

He has always been a difficult horse due to him not being food orientated but he is cleaning out his feed bin morning and night. My husband (an equine vet) has also noticed the marked improvement in my horse and has begun recommending your feed to his clients. I also have been recommending your feed to my pupils.

I look forward to sending you some more photos as the weight he has put on slowly turns to muscle.