Kathryn outstanding results with Snap


I just wanted to let you know about the outstanding results I have had with my horse ‘Snapdragon’ on the Prydes Rebuild. Snap is a FEI/Advanced dressage horse who frequently competes and travels throughout the year.

Towards the end of a busy competition year, Snap was starting to feel a little tired and was lacking some muscle strength and tone. After discussing Snap at the 2010 Victorian Dressage Festival (December) with the Prydes representatives, it was suggested to introduce the Rebuild to assist Snap’s muscle development (especially along his topline).

Within a month of introducing the Rebuild, people were beginning to notice the improvement in Snap’s build. Many people commented on how well he was looking and asked what had produced the change. He truly looks better now than he ever has before and his coat is incredibly healthy. After witnessing the change with Snap, many other people I know have also introduced the Prydes Rebuild with their own horses with fantastic results. I also use Prydes feeds with my other young horse with good results.

However, I wasn’t just impressed with the improvement in Snap’s appearance but also his energy levels. The feed supplies sustainable energy to him, particularly at big competitions which required travel and several days of competing. As a dressage competitor, I believe this is a vital ingredient for a successful competition and I am absolutely delighted at his energy levels on the last day of a major event. 

I believe a combination of the strength from his new build and the improved energy levels, have made Snapdragon into a more competitive dressage horse. He was ranked in the top 5 in the 2011 Dressage NSW Annual Awards leaderboard at Advanced level out of some of the best horses in the state. He is also currently leading Advanced Horse of the Year at Alexander Park Dressage Club, Central Coast Dressage Club and Hunter Valley Dressage Association.

I have supplied a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo of Snapdragon so you can see the improvement.  

Thank you very much for your help. It is very much appreciated and I am extremely happy with the results. I would be more than happy to promote your brand at any event and keep you updated on Snap’s progress!

Kathryn and Snapdragon