Natasha's AMAZING testimonial

Hi my name is Natasha and I have fed your quality feed to my horses for a long time now, and thought you may be able to use my story in an advertisement or nutritional advice or even if not, just to thank you and show what your products (together with a loving owner) can do for horses (although I'm sure you're aware how wonderful your products are).

I have a 31 year old TB that came to me in a very, very poor condition last year in early October (2009), he was literally (matted hair), skin and bone, you could see every bone on his body, how he'd survived I don't knowNot only this, but he has one dead eye (hence the fly masks), he's half deaf and he has no teeth (or where he does have teeth, he has no opposing teeth, so they are useless for eating in any case).

In the five years prior to me having him, I've watched him and tried giving advice to the owner to no avail and in that time, I'd never seen him out of a mozy walk.  Within a week (actually I noticed it at 3 days, but didn't take the first photo until a week) of being at my place he'd picked up weight and looked a lot better.  He quickly started trotting, canter and even galloping up into his stable; often rears up and bites out at the other horses (it's so nice to see him "living").

So I thought I'd send you some photos of proof of what a loving owner and your feeds (he's fed Pryde’s Old Timer, my other 3 horse are fed EasiResponse), together with Equilibrium mineral mix etc (oh but my RSPCA case horse has A LOT of water added to his feed, basically a mash, as he has no teeth to chew and digest it properly).  The first few photos are weekly, so you can really see how quickly he progresses and the last is at 9 months (I'll probably take another photo next month, when it's a year....). 

No horse people (saddle fitters; instructors; dentists; vets; friends and family) can believe that it took such a short time to get him so good.  His white is whiter, his coat is looking heaps better and now he's enjoying life like a horse (or any animal) should, I don't even mind him rearing etc, as it means he's feeling good and has the energy to play...... and I've (together with your food) have done that.

The photos are taken more or less in the same spot in his paddock each time and all photos were taken with the same mobile phone/camera, as I really wanted the photos to be as an exact likeness (even if the camera wasn't the best) - so there wasn't any trick or deceiving photos.

Any way a big thank you to your company providing such a great feed, who said you can't put weight on old horses (this guy has no teeth and he's put a heck of a lot of weight on).  All my horsey contacts after seeing these photos ask what I feed and I gladly say Pryde’s and equlibrium. What progress.......

Natasha Holmes