Zoe and her show Pony 'Ash'

Hi Pryde's,

I was after a second opinion for my 10 year old Australian Pony, ‘Ash’, diet. I thought who better to turn to than one on the leading companies in the Horse Feed industry, Pryde’s EasiFeed.

Ash is a show pony, which requires a good top line and shine. He seems to be maintaining his weight well; however I really wanted to change to a more cost effective vitamin and mineral supplement. Nerida, a nutritionist who is working alongside Pryde’s, certainly provided a cost efficient, high vitamin and mineral intake for Ash, and he couldn’t be happier!

Firstly, I filled out a diet analysis form (provided on the Pryde’s website), outlining what I was currently feeding Ash. When Nerida received the analysis, she then e-mailed me an alternative diet, which contains; Pryde’s Protein Pak, EasiResult and EasiFeed 300 Pellet.

The Protein Pak contains soybean oil for coat shine, with high quality protein to maintain his top line. The EasiFeed 300 Pellet provides Ash with a nicely balanced mineral intake he needs to perform his best. Also, the EasiResult is a medium energy performance feed, which is essential for a working and performance pony, as it brings out the best in Ash, without the ‘fizz’.

This combination worked out to be truly effective in maintaining the best possible show jumper Ash could be. I am so pleased that I seeked a second opinion. I am saving so much money each week, so everyone’s happy!

Pryde’s EasiFeed has proven to be a real success story for Ash. Since he has been on the Pryde’s products here are some achievements he has made at the Canberra Royal Show:

1st- Reserved champion led buckskin gelding, stallion or colt.
1st- Ridden buckskin gelding stallion or colt (no champion class).
2nd- Reserved champion led Australian Pony gelding.
3rd- Ridden Australian Pony.

Thankyou so much for you help,