EasiSport + EasiFibre. The perfect combination

Hi Pryde's team!

Just thought I'd email you with an update. I went over to Holland on the 26th of December to begin my campaign for Rio. Everything was going well. We had some protocol days, practice competitions and test run throughs that went really well and we were scoring competitively against the Europeans.

I was having the time of my life over there and everything was looking to be in my favour. My health was good. But then my horse, Verona, managed to get cast in her stable. She hit her leg, which caused a hematoma on her hind leg. Then, the pressure of the swelling resulted in a tear in the tendon. Apparently it's freak chance of that happening, but of course it happens to me!!

So we are back to square one. I'm back home, and I'm looking forward to competing Minty who has absolutely stacked on the weight on his EasiSport and EasiFibre diet! The Pryde's Rebuild has also helped tremendously.

I've attached some photos of him!