Rebecca Walshe

Riding Disciplines



Di Jenkins (Qld)


XL Overtime, Stylist


Warmbloods. XL Overtime by Woodstock who is by Northern Congress; Stylist is by Contango II



Is your area a noted horse district? If so give details:

Canberra Region – high horse population

Special care and management considerations of your horse(s):

Stylist is now able to eat 2kg lucerne per day without diarroea

Name the most influential person in your riding career:

All top level dressage riders - pure inspiration!

Special highlight(s) in your riding career:

Dressage with the Stars 2006, Stylit won the 4yo. Canberra Classic 2007, Stylit won the Novice and Elementary Champion.

Describe your first pony:

Palomino mare, Candy

Describe your riding history:

Pony Club, Showing Dressage – seriously started 10 years ago.

Do you have any hobbies/other interests?

As an equine veterinarian - all other peoples horses are interests!

Do you have any other animals?

Lily – canine friend; Anna Nicole – feline friend

What are your ambitions?

Grand Prix in and for Australia

What do you require from your horse feed?

Cool, responsive energy

High energy - Yes for Stamina, but Cool!

Balanced minerals and vitamins

Energy for work, without excess calories - Yes for Stylist (goood body weight!)

Coat condition

Which Pryde's feeds do you use and why do you like them?

EasiRide – provides balanced requirements, very economically viable feed - just add hay.

Have you trained or coached any riders who have had success?

I've helped at Pony Clubs and low level local riders.

How will Pryde's Sponsorship make a difference to you?

Support with the feeding of our competition horses helps the team toward success by providing nutrition and support to help us excel in the competition arena.

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