Pip and John Cooper

Riding Disciplines

Showjumping, dressage, eventing


John: Vicki Roycroft, Jamie Coman, Chris Chugg, George Morris

Pip: Heath and Rozzie Ryan, Rachael Downs


Southern Son, Falcon Braddock, Andross, Abduell II and several young horses we have bred coming along.


Mostly Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, WBxTB

Is your area a noted horse district?  If so give details:

When we first came to the Central Coast there were not many people involved with horses, but now there is a large and thriving equestrian community. 

Special care and management considerations of your horse(s):

Observation!  You need to know your horses and be aware of any changes in their health and behaviour.    Good health, fitness, training and good nutrition are all important.  

Name the most influential person in your riding career and why:

John:  My father.  He has always helped and encouraged me.
Pip:    John:  He is always there for me.

Special highlight(s) in your riding career:

John:  I’ve represented Australia overseas and coached riders for three Olympics
Pip:  Bringing young horses to FEI level

Describe your first pony:

John – Tonka…… Tonka was all heart and together we were unbeatable!! J
Pip – Toblerone……. Toby began it all. He was beautiful with a temperament to match.  

Describe your riding history/achievements:

John: In eventing I was Australian National Champion three years running and was leading rider in the Southern hemisphere.
Pip:  I was Central Coast Rider of the Year in 2012 and 2013
John and Pip:  Together we have worked hard for the last 14 years  developing  our lovely property, Falcon Park.  

Do you have any 'other' animals?

Ted  our Australian Cattle dog and Sooty, our rescue cat.

What do you require from your horse feed?

We  have used a range of Pryde’s Easy-Feed products over the last two years and we are very happy with them. The feeds  and supplements are easy to use and the horses like them and do well on them.  Some of our students have switched their horses to Pride’s Feeds and it’s great to see the improvement in their condition. We appreciate the Pryde’s sponsorship and it is good to have their advice and support.   

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