Karlee McKay

Riding Disciplines:


Horses names:

Arctic Bear, Centerda, Be Wonderful, Geneva


TB and Warmbloods

Your Coach:

Paula Hamood

Name the most influential person in your riding career:

Reed Kessler has completed at the highest level in our sport at a young age while being at university. She always puts her horses first and is a true inspiration.

Describe your riding history:

Began riding when I was 2 with Show Ponies and Jumpers. My main focus now is Showjumping and breeding.

Special highlights in your riding career:

While all my wins are special I get the most satisfaction from producing young horses.

What are you ambitions

To breed quality, rideble performance horses

Special care and management considerations of your horses:

Keeping them healthy with a balanced diet, fitness and attention to detail

Which Pryde's feeds do you use?

BioMare Cubes and EasiSport. Both are very easy feeds to keep them healthy inside and out

Australian Teams

Level 1
Level 2

New Zealand Teams

All Riders