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Love giving back to the kids with coaching. I do all mycoaching from the Gold Coast and all the way up to North of Cairns


I have 16 horses at the moment


Warmbloods and Clydes / Thoroughbred x Clydesdale

What do you feed?

I use EasiResponse for my competition horses and for my young horses I use EasiRide

What do you require from your horse feed?

The biggest thing is to make sure that they clean up their feed bin. This way you know that they’re getting everything they need and you don’t have to do anything else.

Doing this, it makes it easy all the time regardless if I’m at home or away with competition and my horses will always be looking great!

Special care and management considerations of your horse(s):

The biggest thing is to check their legs! There is always a possibility that something might happen in the paddock. Checking the mouth is another big thing that I do!

Special highlight(s) in your riding career:

Austral high jump 1995 – 2.47m

World Cup New Zealand 1997 – Stumpy won had no tail

2000 Sydney Olympics

2000 EA Rider of the Year

Winning 2002 pacific league round of the WC

Winning Pre Grand Prix Sky High Two France 2002

Australian Champ Rider 2002

Sydney Royal Champ Rider

What are your riding ambitions?

Probably the two main things that I can think of is firstly getting a horse back up to the top level and getting back into the World Cup scene

Name the most influential person in your riding career:

Chris Chugg – working together for over 12 years and going back 25 year knowing each other.

Do you have any hobbies/other interests?

Love fishing

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