Christina McAuliffe



Riding Disciplines

Hacking and Dressage


Russell Davidson and Kay Paulsen


Bedrock Beatle, Bedrock Sahara , Bedrock Toy Soldier, Kayla


Thoroughbreds and Arabian Derivatives

What do you feed?

EasiResult and EasiRide

What do you require from your horse feed?  

Maintain optimum body weight, coat and hoof condition without affecting attitude

Special care and management considerations of your horse(s): 

My horses need a clear head to listen to the rider

Special highlight(s) in your riding career:  

The first time I qualified a horse for the National Championships

What are your riding ambitions? 

To train my horses to a point where any educated rider can campaign them with success

Do you have any hobbies/other interests?  

Jet skiing and kayaking


Australian Teams

Level 1
Level 2

New Zealand Teams

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