Murray Lamperd






Gareth Hughes and Gilbert Boeckman


Under The Clocks, Shemozzle, Lushious Lexi, Lushious Lola, plus various youngsters.


About half our horses are Thoroughbred and the rest of the performance horses are Warmblood crossed with Thoroughbred.


Easiresult, Easifibre, Biomare, Protein Pak and Stamina.

Feed Requirements

We need them in great condition all the time. Young horses will need the right balance of energy for work, as well as protein for development. The higher level Eventers need far more energy and easi digestibility.

Care and management

We don't have a lot of pasture, so we rely on prepared feeds and hay to provide all dietary needs.

Career Highlights

Competing successfully overseas in recent years against the best riders from around the world. Winning National championships. Great partnerships with wonderful horses.

Riding Ambitions

To represent Australia at Olympic and World Level.

Influential Person

Jade Wishart (wife), my children and my parents.


Surfing is part of my up bringing, my current fitness (when I can), my sanity, my health and my retirement.

Australian Teams

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Level 2

New Zealand Teams

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