Sam Gardiner & Clementine Mann

Riding Disciplines



Sam - Lobster, Liberty, Heidi, Dynamite, Chloe, Shrimp

Clem - Julia, V6, ZauZau (Zara Babe), Phoenix, Nupi (Inupiat)


Off the Track Thoroughbreds & Polo Bred Ponies

What do you feed?

BioMare Cubes & EasiResponse

What do you require from your horse feed?

Weight, Top line & Energy

Special care and management considerations of your horse

Electrolytes in the heat and whilst travelling

Special highlights in you riding career

Sam – Playing 3 test matches in England

Clem – MVP at Garangula Polo in 2015

What are you riding ambitions?

To ride, produce and develop horses that can play in Australia and Internationally

Most influential person in your riding career

To many to name, but so lucky to have had the opportunities to work with many brilliant people from different disciplines in Australia, UK and Argentina.

Hobbies and other interests

Sam – Bit of a Tech nerd, loves playing with different gadgets, Sport & travel

Clem – Art & Show Jumping

Australian Teams

Level 1
Level 2

New Zealand Teams

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