Report from Pete Comiskey

We have been in NSW for the month of August conducting schools around Cowra, and Gunning, with one washed out at Maules Creek – they are thankful for the rain.  We froze at Gunning with a minus 8degrees one morning!!! We had plenty of excitement and a great time.  We thank our hosts the Agostino’s, Garlick’s and Steve and Toni Hart.

We came home to run a clinic just north at Proserpine, with a contrasting very balmy, t shirt weather in the Whitsundays!  We are heading to Clarke Creek this weekend where they are having a 40 year anniversary, a memorial Open draft for Graham Acton, a horse sale and buck jump and bull ride!  So we are back on the road with a full team of fit horses ready to go.  Next week will be Alpha, then a clinic in South Australia, back to Comet for a Campdraft then preparations for the trip down south to Condamine, Chinchilla and Warwick.  Wishing everyone safe travels and lots of rain.