Pryde's EasiFeeds Riders Finish At The Top

The Pryde's EasiFeeds Gatton World Cup Showjumping 2014 took place over the weekend, with heaps of action in the Pryde's arena, with some super talented horses and some pretty big fences. The final of the World Cup qualifier 1st and 2nd place going to Pryde's EasiFeed sponsored riders. A huge congratulations to Paula Hamood and Nero who rode an awesome round for a well deserved win, and congratulations to Merrick Ubank with a closely followed 2nd riding Aladino, Merrick also finished in fourth place riding Alanine, what a great result.

A comment from Pryde's very own Ron Major ...

“Pryde’s EasiFeeds would like to Congratulate the Gatton World Cup Showjumping Committee on running one of the most successful Signature Showjumping Events in Queensland in 2014. We would also like to Congratulate all the Riders who competed in the Pryde’s EasiFeed Gatton World Cup and more Special was that Pryde’s Easifeed Sponsored Riders Paula Hamood and Merrick Ubank finished 1st and 2nd  separated by only .02 of a second well done”.

Pryde's Gatton World Cup Showjumping 2014

  1. Paula Hamood Nero Ghp (Pryde's Sponsored Rider)
  2. Merrick Ubank Aladino (Pryde's Sponsored Rider)
  3. Nicole Bruggerman Luxury Like Cavalier
  4. Merrick Ubank Alanine (Pryde's Sponsored Rider)
  5. Shane Davidson Fairbanks Lulu
  6. Lachlan Manuel Congrats