March update from Tammy Stephens

March saw the start of our official 2 star competitions. And this was Trevor’s first competition for pony dressage. And he was great. Still not long under saddle he took to his new surroundings like he’d been competing forever. Placing a 3rd and a 4th out of a very strong field of ponies. So very happy with his performance. Remembrance Day competed in the elementary tests. Again a very large and strong field of quality horses but again he proved he can hold his own. Placing 2 x 3rd places. So a very successful day overall. The second competition for Trevor was the re-scheduled day from February. Again 2 x pony classes. This was Trevor’s longest float trip so the first test he felt a little ‘jet lagged’ so to speak but nice and fresh for the second test. Placing 3rd in both tests with some really good scores, again very happy with his performance. The next outing for Trevor will be the All Welsh State Championships in April. Fingers crossed he continues his running streaks of good behavior! I've now been given another welsh pony to train and compete on. She’s just broken in so quite green but such a pretty and delicate little pony. She’ll compete in the led in classes but not quite ready for the ridden yet. She’s a little special this one. The owner had requested she be fattened up for her classes. Apparently the welsh classes like them to be quite fat and round. We tried her on the mare cubes and thank goodness no hotness from them, just a super fat and round pony and one very happy owner. The mare cubes really did the trick in a small amount of time. Her coat was gleaming and soft. She looked amazing. The owner was over the moon at her condition.

A huge thanks to Prydes Easi Feed for your continued support