Progress with Emma Hansen

Hi Pryde's EasiFeed,

Just a quick update on how the horses are doing.

Qb competed at Fig Tree Pocket ODE on the weekend. We stepped back up to Prelim and all went well. He jumped the best he has in a long time, felt willing and eager to be out there. His jockey just let him down on a couple of occasions causing faults, but they were my fault and I know what I need to do to prevent it from happening again.

Missy is going really well in her rehab work. We had an amazing leap forward in her progress on Tuesday, hopefully that is a sign we are well and truly on the right track and will be back out to fight another day soon. In saying that though I won’t be rushing to have her back out competing again this year, I will be taking my time and making sure she is well and truly on deck again. Everyone that has been helping me sort her problems out is very happy with her progress though, so fingers crossed it won’t be too far away.

Please find below pics of Qb from the weekend.

Emma Hansen