July Update from Chelsea

I went to the Brisbane CDI on the weekend with Connie. She performed really really well. First day scoring 68.88% and on the second day she scored 66.768% with one judge scoring 69.5% and the other on 64.0245 which was a shame and brought out percent down a lot. However I am very happy with the way she is going, she is in great condition at the moment with no ulcers and she is a great weight. Comedian has put on a lot of weight and is looking so so amazing! I am really happy with Pryde’s and I am so grateful to have your support. I really want to thank you for everything, I know everyone says this but I really wouldn’t be where I am today with my horses in such fantastic condition as they are now if it wasn’t for Pryde’s so thank you. Rio here we come!!!

For now it’s back to training until States!