Riley and Gypsy's story


I can't thank you enough for your extremely knowledgeable and helpful advice. You have help improve my 2 underweight horses 10 fold in a matter of 3 weeks. You have helped me stress less about my horses and given me reassurance that I am feeding my horses correctly.

Story time: Riley

Riley is a 4 year old qh made who was bought from Laidley Sales in May 2013. She was 3 years old at the time and already in foal. On 4th October she birthed my beautiful colt but unfortunately because she was so young and being on the wrong diet he "sucked the life out of her" so to speak. I tried many different feeds and nothing was gaining the weight on her so I eventually got onto Ron. Ron told me to feed her 3kg of biomare and 1kg of results with barley Lucerne chaff and unlimited supply of grass and hay. 3 weeks into the diet and completely away from her colt and the pics speak for themselves!!! She is now in the process of getting broken in so I can someday compete in western events with her.

Story 2 Gypsy

Gypsy has had a very rough start to the year. In January she got a bacterial infection which caused her to scour for over a week. This caused her to loose a lot of weight. A couple of weeks after she had started gaining weight again she got a corneal ulcer which 2 weeks into treatment turned from a bacterial infection to a fungal infection which nearly ruptured so her eye had to be removed. This stress caused her to loose weight yet again. She has since been on 3kg of biomare and 1kg of results and is gaining weight steadily. She is my world and I am her right side sight so I could not be more greatful to Ron for his help in bringing my two girls back to health and back to life.

Words can't express how relieved I am to see the "results" of my girls in a matter of weeks and to share my stories with as many people as possible that this company knows what they are doing and I can 100% guarantee that if you stick to the instructions given by Prydes you WILL succeed and notice a massive difference in your loved ones.