Sarah and her gelding 'Key to Cash'

Hi Pryde's EasiFeed,

I spoke to you a couple of months ago about my thoroughbred gelding, "Key to Cash" AKA "Bizzy", I had bought over from Western Australia 7 months ago; who I couldn't keep weight on. You suggested using 4kg EasiResponse with lucerne chaff, split in 2 feeds.This has turned out to give great results and cost effective.

I use FeedXL and had put numerous diets on that and yours was by far the most simple and wallet friendly way, without needing expensive supplements etc. I also got the vet, who gave antibiotics for recurring mud fever and took bloods. The end result being I just had to feed lots more, considering he was always a fatty in Western Australia on laminitis alert.

It has been a big change! He is now filling out on his withers and rump. His ribs are getting a nice covering. He is also a completely different horse to ride!

So thank you for your advice and providing an easy to use and effective diet. I know many sales staff could have advised me to buy all sorts of expensive extras, but I like the fact you actually put me onto a cheaper product, which I'm happy to recommend to everyone.

Here are some photos:
Before:  miserable hungry horse
After:  much happier and rounder

Thanks again,