Jess and her 14yo Arab Gelding Matthias

Hi Pryde's,

Matthias my 14yo Arab gelding, cut his leg open on the 08th of April - the inside of his flank right up against the groin, as deep as the inguinal canal. The wound was the length of the vets’ hand, and as deep to the wrist.

I acquired him after this injury, as he was only being agisted on my property and his owner was going to have him put to sleep, due to not being financially able to treat him.

I began feeding him Lucerne Chaff, Pryde’s EasiSport and Equilibrium twice a day approximately a week after he sustained the injury (approx 15th April).  He has not lost any muscle tone or condition despite now being stabled most of the day/night since I started feeding him (he has only been supplemented with normal, grassy hay when he is not getting a bucket feed).  The vet expected he would lose quite a lot of condition while he was recovering, and although he is a very solid horse, he has not lost anything noticeable.  It will be a month this Friday since his injury, and you can see the dramatic improvement in his wound (he ceased Penicillin and Bute medications last Wednesday, 20th April), and everyone (including the vet) is astounded at the condition he has kept.

The vet did not expect he would be sound after the injury healed, but watching him in the paddock we have every hope that he will be able to be ridden again, even if only lightly.  I can only attribute the majority of his recovery to EasiSport, which has enabled me to keep him supplied with energy while not making him go crazy in his stall.

Thank you Pryde’s, for helping me help this wonderful horse recover from what would have been a very un-necessary fate.

Jess and Matthias.