Josephine - 100% satisfied!

Hi Pryde’s,

I have never written a testimonial before simply because I have never been 100% satisfied with a feed... until I tried Pryde’s.

I have had so much trouble putting/keeping weight on my TB gelding, for over a year I tried every weight gain feed I could think of, every second feed I tried would make him drop 50kg. He was on three hard feeds a day and had constant rye hay and truckloads of lucerne. Nothing worked - no matter what I tried I couldn’t get him up to a weight I was happy with. He wasn’t 'thin' but he wasn’t fat either.

I copped a lot of flack from so many people who I had never met - telling me I need to feed my horse more, that  he shouldn’t be exercised in this condition, even had the RSPCA called on me. I was so over it, I was trying my hardest and was ready to give up and just sell him on - he was costing me over $120 a week JUST in hard feed and hay!

Then I went to Equitana and spoke to a man at the Pryde’s stall. He recommended EasiResponse - I had never heard of it before so was a little wary on trying it, left the brochures on my bed and put it to the back of my mind.

About a week later a lady contacted me - said she had seen all the abuse I was copping over the weight of my horse, and that she knew exactly how I had felt. She also had a TB who she had tried everything on and nothing ever worked infact a lot of 'weight gain' feeds made him lose weight! Sounded exactly like my horse, when she said she had found the perfect feed for her boy I was super interested in what it was!

It was Pryde’s EasiResponse.

The name rung a bell so I went and dug through the brochures, and did some research. Decided, what have I got to lose? Went out and bought a bag.

By the time I had finished the bag I had seen little difference but hadn't expected to so I went to a feed store and ordered another bag. Only I accidentally ordered EasiResult instead of the Response!

I decided to use both anyway; I had the Result now, may as well use it. So I did and within 2 weeks there was a noticeable difference. His rump was filling out, and he was actually beginning to develop some topline!

Within two months he is a different horse. From a horse who needed 3 hard feeds a day plus nearly a bale of lucerne every 2 days, he is now on just one hard feed a day and a grass round bale in the paddock, thanks to EasiResult and EasiResponse!!

People are amazed by the difference; some even mistake him for a QH!

"He looks good/great/fantastic!"

"Josie, you've done a top job!"

"He looks amazing and you've done so well! You should be proud!"

"He used to have an ugly ewe neck!! Wow!!"

"It's made a big difference. I thought it was a different horse!"

"He looks good in the photo you posted of him"

"He is looking amazing! I could actually have mistaken him for a QH now!! Wow! Well done!!"

Anyway sorry for ranting just can’t get over how amazing your food is!!