How Digestible is your horse feed?

How digestible is your horse feed? With a large focus of quality at Pryde's EasiFeed, this is a major part of what we try and educate people about in the equine industry. Having a highly efficient feed with quality ingredients is ALWAYS going to be a benefit to your horse. In this video we breakdown:

0:11 How digestible is a feed - with most of the energy in grains which is contained in the starch, horses cannot fully digest starch from uncooked (raw) grains in the small intestine which results in this starch traveling into the hindgut where it will ferment causing hindgut acidosis. The solution? Is to 'cook' the grains which makes the starch easy to digest.

6:18 Why do we extrude grains - a visual explanation with WHY starch is so difficult to breakdown when looking at a uncooked (raw) grain and the comparison of starch digestion between uncooked ~15%, micronised ~35% and extruded corn ~75%.