Selecting an appropriate horse feed

Once you have decided on your preferred horse feed manufacturer, selecting an appropriate horse feed will be your next thing to consider.

Here are three points to think about when making this decision:

0:44 Always use a feed for the purpose it was intended. Why? Because horse feeds are designed with a very specific type of horse in mind. If you use them for another type of horse it may not meet requirements for some nutrients and provide too much of others.

1:43 Select a horse feed with a suitable recommended daily feeding rate. A common thing that we see is someone will choose a horse feed with a recommended feeding rate for your horse of 3 kg but only feed it at 0.5 kg/day.

6:13 Select a horse feed with ingredients that suit your horse. If you know a particular horse wither doesn't like or can't have particular ingredients for any reason, read the ingredients list vert carefully and avoid any unsuitable ingredients.