Managing horse nutrition through changing seasons

Managing horses nutrition through changing seasons is a concept that is important for all horses! What is the trick? It's being able to change how much you are feeding to control body fatness and behaviour as pasture quality changes WITHOUT causing mineral deficiencies in the diet.

There are two main ways you can do this:

1:53 Feed a balancer pellet (eg Pryde's 150 pellet) together with 'energy feeds' like oats or Pryde's PowerPak, keeping the amount of Balancer Pellet constant while adjusting the amount of oats/PowerPak being fed according to pasture conditions and your horse's requirement for additional calories.


2:57 The 'Sliding Scale' concept. Using a feed (eg EasiResult) together with a concentrated 'Balancer Pellet' (eg Pryde's 150 Pellet) and adjust the amounts of both according to pasture conditions and your horse's requirements.